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    Support Group for Creatives in NYC

    Exposure and Response

    What is a Support Group for Creatives?

    Are you an actor, dancer, or other creative professional looking for support from people who truly get it? Are you experiencing burnout or looking to reconnect with the passion and drive you once had to pursue your creative career? This group provides a nurturing space where creatives can come together to share their experiences, discuss their artistic journey, and gain support from their peers. 

    The creative journey can often feel isolating, with doubts and uncertainties looming large. This group offers a supportive space where creatives come together, sharing their struggles and triumphs. Led by Alyssa Digges, M.A., who specializes in working with creative professionals, these sessions become sanctuaries of solidarity, fostering empathy and understanding among participants.

    Typically, groups consist of around 5 to 15 people and meet once a week for an hour or two. Whether attending alone or alongside individual therapy, this collective journey nurtures both artistic growth and personal development.

    To many, the thought of attending a support group can be intimidating at first. After all, it involves opening up about your struggles to a group of strangers. However, many group members find themselves surprised after experiencing the unique and supportive dynamic that groups provide that individual therapy typically doesn’t. Through group discussions and therapeutic techniques, you’ll explore strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome, managing performance anxiety, and embracing your true self as a creative and as an individual.

    How can a Support Group for Creatives help me?

    A support group for creatives can be a lifeline during challenging times, offering invaluable insights and a sense of community that nurtures your artistic journey. Here’s how it can make a difference:

    • Shared Experiences: Hearing the stories of fellow creatives can alleviate feelings of isolation and provide fresh perspectives. Learning how others have navigated similar struggles and emerged stronger can instill hope and confidence in your own abilities to overcome obstacles.

    • Safe Space for Exploration: Support groups bring together individuals facing similar challenges, creating a nurturing environment where you can explore new ideas and behaviors. The shared understanding within the group encourages experimentation and growth, allowing you to try out different approaches and receive supportive feedback.

    • Sounding Board for Ideas: Connecting with group members provides a valuable sounding board for brainstorming solutions to creative challenges. Whether you’re seeking feedback on a project or grappling with a difficult situation, the group can offer diverse perspectives and practical advice to help you move forward.

    • Accountability and Follow-Through: The group dynamic fosters accountability, as fellow members can help you stay on track with your goals and resolutions. Knowing that others are rooting for your success can motivate you to take action and follow through with your plans.

    • Guidance from Professionals: In addition to peer support, the guidance of a qualified therapist experienced in working with creatives enhances the therapeutic benefits of the group. Our therapist can offer expert insights, educate members about their experiences, and teach effective strategies and coping mechanisms tailored to the unique challenges faced by creatives. Read more about Alyssa Digges and her unique expertise below.

    By participating in a support group for creatives, you not only gain valuable support and encouragement but also access resources and strategies to navigate the ups and downs of the creative process with resilience and confidence.


    Therapists Who Specialize in Support Groups for Creatives in NYC

    Connecting with the right therapist is the most important factor in your search. We’re here to help you find a great match.

    What are the common challenges A Support Group for Creatives can help with?

    Our Support Group for Creatives provides you with the opportunity to connect with other artists, creatives, or entertainers on shared experiences and topics including:

    • Self-doubt and Imposter syndrome

    • Comparing yourself to others

    • Handling rejection

    • Body image issues or disordered eating.

    • Performance anxiety

    • Financial health

    • Balancing public image

    • Relationship issues   

    • The mentality of “suffering for your art” 

    • Creative blocks

    If you’re struggling in your daily life and creative endeavors due to these challenges, or others like them, you’re not alone. While joining a support group may feel scary initially, with the right guidance, you can discover a sense of comfort within the group dynamic.

    About the Group Leader, Alyssa Digges

    Alyssa Digges is a psychotherapist-in-training with a passion for supporting performers, artists, and creatives in navigating the unique challenges they face. With a background in Music Education and Theatre Performance, as well as a Master’s degree in Educational Theatre from New York University, Alyssa brings deep industry knowledge and a wide range of personal experiences to her work. Having previously embarked on her own successful career as a trained theatre actor, Alyssa is now devoted to guiding fellow creative professionals in discovering fulfillment along their professional paths.

    What Does a Support Group for Creatives Look Like?

    At Clarity Therapy, support groups are conducted virtually, from the comfort of your own home. Our Support Group for Creatives is a nurturing space where creatives can come together to share their experiences, discuss their artistic journey, and gain support from their peers. Alyssa Digges, MA provides a non-judgmental environment that encourages authenticity and vulnerability.

    This virtual group will run weekly on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:15pm on Google Meet for 6 weeks beginning May 22nd. Join our supportive community and find strength, inspiration, and personal growth alongside fellow creatives.

    Through group discussions and therapeutic techniques, you’ll explore strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome, managing performance anxiety, and embracing your true self as a creative and individual. Members are guided through exercises and interventions, paired with group discussions. The overall flow of the session and group therapy activities carried out will be largely dependent on the style and the goals of the group.

    To learn more about this group, schedule a complimentary phone consultation with group therapist, Alyssa Digges, MA. You can contact her directly at [email protected].

    Interested in Support group for creatives?

    We can help.

    Our Support Group for Creatives can lead you towards resolving your challenges and nurturing your creative journey, with the expertise of a licensed therapist and the camaraderie of a supportive group. To explore how our group can assist you further, reach out today for a complimentary consultation.

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