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    Heal trauma

    Trauma-sensitive yoga in NYC

    Trauma-sensitive yoga integrative therapy.

    What is trauma-sensitive yoga?

    At Clarity Therapy, we provide trauma-sensitive yoga as an integrative therapy. Trauma-sensitive yoga is a form of yoga designed to help people who have experienced trauma. It involves gentle movement that can help you become more aware of your body and mind. Trauma-sensitive yoga is a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their feelings in a way that honors their experiences. It’s also accessible for anyone who wants to increase their awareness about trauma and its effects on the body, mind, heart and spirit.

    Many yoga teachers aren’t trained to treat or respond to mental health concerns. Some yoga poses can be triggering for those who have experienced various forms of trauma, particularly physical trauma.

    Trauma-sensitive yoga allows you to reconnect with your body and mind in a safe environment where instructors are trained to pay attention to signs of discomfort or distress that may arise. This helps to create a predictable, safe space which can also help to reduce stress and anxiety in individuals who may not know what to expect.

    This can be especially beneficial if you have experienced PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or other mental health conditions such as anxiety or panic disorders because you may struggle with being able to stay present due to anxiety or panic arising from traumatic events you’ve experienced in the past.

    How does trauma-sensitive yoga work at clarity therapy?

    At Clarity Therapy, we provide trauma-sensitive yoga as an integrative therapy.

    At Clarity Therapy, trauma-sensitive yoga is guided by Dr. Jessa Navidé, a licensed psychologist who is also a trained yoga instructor. This may look different than the traditional yoga classes you’re used to, and will take place during therapy sessions. Trauma-sensitive yoga during a therapy session may involve gentle stretches and poses that are tailored to your needs. These gentle poses can be done both in a seated or standing position, depending on your comfort level.

    During the session, your therapist and instructor will help guide you through the poses slowly, while focusing on your breathing. You will receive verbal cues and supportive words to help you feel safe and present within your body. Depending on your individual needs, your therapist and instructor may also guide you through visualization, meditation, relaxation exercises, and other calming practices to help you process your emotions. 


    NYC Therapists Who Specialize in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

    Connecting with the right therapist is the most important factor in your search. We’re here to help you find a great match.

    Who can benefit from trauma-sensitive yoga?

    Trauma-sensitive yoga was designed to help people who have experienced trauma. Trauma can be classified into three types: acute, chronic, or complex:

      • Acute trauma is a single event that causes distress or puts you in danger, such as a natural disaster or car accident

      • Chronic trauma is repeated exposure to a dangerous or stressful event, such as bullying, racial microaggressions, or domestic violence.

      • Complex trauma is exposure to varied and multiple traumatic events, often early in life. These experiences are severe and pervasive, such as abuse or profound neglect, and typically begin in early childhood, are longstanding or recurrent, and are inflicted by others.

    So, trauma may not always be due to one major event, but can also result from repeated exposure to stressful situations or varied traumatic events. However, you don’t necessarily have to have experienced trauma to benefit from trauma-sensitive yoga. Improving your mind-body connection can also help people with a wide range of mental health concerns, including:

    Trauma-sensitive sessions typically include gentle poses that don’t require strength or flexibility but still provide benefits such as increased focus, relaxation, ability to cope with stress, and improved self-esteem. Your therapist and instructor will also help you set boundaries so that you feel comfortable doing whatever feels right for your body at any given moment–whether it’s simply listening to your body and what you need in the moment, like taking breaks when needed.

    Trauma-sensitive yoga is a powerful tool that can help people heal from trauma and PTSD. It’s important to remember that no two people will respond in the same way to traumatic events, and therefore treatment is never a one-size-fits-all approach. A trained mental health professional can help you explore what might work best for you.

    Interested in trauma-sensitive yoga in nyc?

    Get in touch today.

    If you’re interested in learning more about trauma-sensitive yoga or trying it out for yourself, reach out today to schedule a complimentary consultation with a licensed therapist and instructor who specializes in trauma-sensitive yoga in NYC.

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