Boutique Therapy Offices in the Heart of NYC

A sancutary in NYC

We’ve built our offices to accommodate and reaffirm New York City and the vital role that therapy plays in the lives of many New Yorkers.

Created for tranquility

Extensive soundproofing and privacy protections, natural light, soothing artwork, and inclusive, body-positive furnishings.

safety is our priority

We’re committed to meeting clients safely in person whenever possible. Learn more about our Covid-19 safety policy.

A Metropolitan Coastal Feel to Help You Reflect

We combined metropolitan timelessness and modernity with nature to create a reflective and tranquil space.

We feature imagery of water and coastlines, which are universally enriching sources of healing and wellness. Just as the ocean is constantly changing, with its seemingly limitless horizons, as are we.


The Therapy Rooms

Each room is designed to be harmonious and to accommodate individual and couples therapy sessions.

Therapy Rooms

Ginger Room

A pair of bookshelves of blue and white finds and a juliette balcony of topiaries are bathed in light to create a harmonious therapy office we call the “Ginger Room”. The spirit of this therapy room creates a feeling of momentarily being transported away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Therapy Rooms

Heron Room

Graceful herons and peaceful lily ponds form a custom, whimsical wall mural in the therapy office we playfully call the “Heron Room.” The scale and spirit of this therapy room designed for families and group meetings captures an enchanted feeling.

Therapy Rooms

Navy Room

Deep and dramatic navy walls, with light streaming between oversized palms create a deeply calming and reflective space in the therapy office we call the “Navy Room.” The spirit of this therapy room creates a space of feeling being honored, held and contained.

Therapy Rooms

Palm Room

Blue and white coral prints and palm fronds sweep and envelope the walls of this cozy therapy office we joyfully call the “Palm Room”. The spirit of this therapy room captures the feeling of joy and harmony associated with being near a coastline.

Therapy Rooms


Soothing teals, corals, coastal photography, and other nautical finds create a relaxing vibe in the therapy office we call the “Coastal Teal Room.” The spirit of this therapy room captures the calming feel of being near the beach or water.

Therapy Rooms

Reflections Room

Lush greenery, garden landscape photography, and juliette balcony of topiaries, each covered in natural light, create a contemplative space in the therapy office we call the “Reflections Room.” The spirit of this therapy room captures the experience of being transported to a different world.

Therapy Rooms


Gallery walls of coastal and sweeping landscape photography, an oversized ficus, and natural patterns create a meditative space in the therapy office we call the “Zen Nature Room”. The spirit of this therapy room captures the feeling of being centered and grounded.

Therapy Rooms

Reception Area

A peaceful, private and tranquil reception area, designed for comfort and deep reflection.

Bought To Life By

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We Look Forward To
Seeing You

We look forward to welcoming you into our space. We hope that you’ll find your time spent here transformative and inspiring.

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