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    THERAPY FOR Dating + Relationships

    We specialize in therapy for dating and relationships in NYC

    Are you craving genuine and lasting love in your life? Tired of the dating game, swiping through endless profiles, and going on one uninspiring date after another? You’re not alone. Despite your best efforts, it feels like finding “the one” is a distant dream. Your friends have succeeded, but you feel stuck and disconnected from their advice to “put yourself out there” or that “you’ll find it when you stop looking”.

    Maybe you’ve started seeing someone, and the uncertainty kicks in. Do they really like you? Are you the right match? You’re playing detective, searching for signs that you’re on the same page. But there’s this fear that maybe they’re not the one, and worse, maybe there won’t be anyone else. Loneliness and abandonment become constant worries, holding you back from the relationship you want.

    Enter dating therapy – your secret weapon in navigating the tricky world of relationships. Signs you might benefit? You catch yourself wondering whether the relationship you’re in is healthy. You just feel frustrated and burnt out by the whole dating process. Maybe you’re dealing with the aftermath of infidelity or going through a tough breakup. 

    Why do people seek therapy for dating and relationships?

    Well, let’s face it – dating can be awkward, and relationships can be downright confusing. Maybe you’re stuck in the same relationship patterns, or you just feel lost. People turn to therapy to figure out their communication style, understand their values, and navigate the complicated world of dating. Not to mention, a lot of people are looking for a partner who is in therapy and committed to working on themselves. 

    Maybe you catch yourself questioning your relationship and wondering if it’s really right for you. The fear of starting over keeps you from ending a connection that’s past its expiration date. Maybe you’re dealing with infidelity, a deeply painful experience that doesn’t have to define your future. If you’re going through a breakup, the grief is real, and the prospect of dating again is anxiety-inducing. It’s painful, but therapy can help you move on in a healthy way.

    We get it – everyone’s journey is unique. That’s why we use different approaches, from talking about expectations in early dating to helping single folks feel whole on their own. Breakup blues? Therapy can help you cope, gain closure, and boost your confidence before re-entering the dating scene.



    NYC Therapists Who Specialize in Therapy for Dating and Relationships

    Connecting with the right therapist is the most important factor in your search. We’re here to help you find a great match.

    How does therapy for dating and relationships help?

    The realm of dating and relationships can be uncomfortable, bringing up vulnerability, insecurity, and fear. If you find recurring issues in your romantic relationships and struggle to address them, therapy is a way forward.


    • Gain insight into communication patterns

    • Understand personal values and needs

    • Explore relationship behavior patterns

    • Build self-confidence in social situations

    • Develop better boundaries with partners

    • Address underlying issues hindering connections

    • Learn to trust and build resilience

    • Recognize red flags in relationships

    • Navigate grief  and emotions after a breakup

    • Tolerate the uncertainty in early stages of dating

    Navigating the early stages of dating involves managing expectations, being authentic, and setting boundaries. For single clients, we focus on creating a sense of wholeness independent of a romantic relationship. In the aftermath of a breakup, grief work helps uncover and cope with emotions, providing closure and building confidence for future relationships.

    It’s all about unraveling the complexities of dating and relationships, empowering you to find the love you’re looking for. Give it a shot – your path to lasting love might just be a therapy session away.  

    What if I’m not ready to start therapy?

    DATING IN NYc isn’t easy.

    We can help.

    If difficulty with dating and relationships is starting to negatively impact your wellbeing, self-esteem, or confidence, therapy can be the spark you need that leads to real growth and healing. Together, let’s explore what’s weighing you down and empower you to live more fully.

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