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    Spiritual Therapy

    Spiritual Counseling in NYC

    Find peace and clarity.


    We specialize in spiritual counseling in New York City

    Find peace and re-establish your purpose in life.  Spiritual counselors can help people find peace and relief, reaffirm their beliefs, and reconnect to their purpose in life. 

    What is spiritual counseling?

    Spiritual wellness is an important piece to our overall emotional health. Spirituality is often connected to religion  However, in general, spirituality is a sense of connection to something greater than oneself. 

    Spiritual counseling and therapy is a form of talk therapy. Spiritual therapy techniques can include existential questioning, meditation, and even hypnosis. There are many benefits to seeing a therapist who specializes in spiritual counseling. 

    Our mental health professionals provide personalized therapy depending on your specific concerns. This is done by remaining open to various belief systems and perspectives. Skilled spiritual counselors are aware of their own spiritual biases and do not impose their beliefs on clients. Our trained therapists share a perspective of how the world’s religions relate to each other, and translate this knowledge in a way that supports the growth of your mind, body and soul. 

    How can spiritual therapy help me?

    Some people may be hesitant to seek support from their religious leaders for a variety of reasons, such as doubting one’s faith after a tragic accident. A spiritual therapist provides similar services as a religious leader, however the emphasis is on creating a therapeutic relationship where healing and growth can take place. Therapists focus on not only the spiritual and religious aspect, but take into account how this impacts all areas of the client’s life. 

    Some clients enter therapy because they begin to feel confused and/or conflicted about their own beliefs that were ingrained in childhood. Other clients may seek spiritual therapy because life events such as the death of a loved one may cause them to doubt their faith. Research shows that those who experience struggles with their religious and spiritual beliefs are more likely to experience lowered forms of psychological well being including anxiety and depression. 

    Some clients may simply want help exploring or discovering their spiritual or religious beliefs. A spiritual therapist can help individuals better define their personal ethics and how they want to live their life. Spiritual counselors also work with individuals, couples, and families experiencing existential concerns such as anxiety around death and dying.

    Spiritual counseling can help you find peace, affirm and actualize your existence, and re-establish your purpose in life.

    You may benefit from spiritual therapy if you:

    • Want to strengthen or deepen your relationship with religion or spirituality

    • Feel like something is missing in your life but you can’t quite put your finger on it

    • Feel conflicted or have negative feelings surrounding the religion you were raised in, despite finding the teachings meaningful and beneficial

    • Struggle to free yourself from rigid, unhelpful, or outdated beliefs

    • Feel unable to be your authentic self while remaining in your faith

    • Experience feelings of doubt about your faith or spirituality

    • Want your religious and spiritual beliefs and perspectives to act as a foundation for your work in therapy

    Individuals, couples, and families can experience benefits of spiritual therapy. We offer spiritual counseling online and in-person.

    Religious and Spiritual Therapy FAQs

    What’s the difference between psychotherapy and spiritual counseling?

    Compared to traditional psychotherapy, spiritual counseling places the focus on the client’s spiritual side. Because spiritual beliefs are so closely linked to wellbeing, it’s not uncommon for a spiritual crisis to affect other areas of life. Spiritual counselors are trained to help clients work through these issues through a spiritual lens. For example, they focus on how a client’s spiritual and religious beliefs can contribute to the healing process, and understand the ways these beliefs may act as a hindrance. 

    Do I have to be religious to benefit from spiritual counseling?

    No, you don’t have to be religious to benefit from spiritual counseling. Many clients enter therapy just for this reason, to explore their relationship to spirituality and religion and discover the influence it has in their lives. Spiritual counseling is also a great starting point for those who are experiencing spiritual doubt or turmoil in their lives and want extra support. Spiritual counseling for couples can also be a source of support for partners who hold different belief systems. 

    Am I betraying my religion/higher power by going to therapy?

    For people who believe only their higher power can heal, there’s a stigma that seeking outside help is a sign of spiritual weakness. For this reason, therapy can seem to be in direct conflict with one’s traditional spiritual practices. Some people may experience an internal conflict when prayer may no longer be enough. 

    Contrary to what you may have been taught to believe, seeking outside support is not a moral or spiritual failing. You can honor your faith while getting the support you need. Many of our clients report greater spiritual growth thanks to therapy. 

    Spiritual support allowed them to experience a “both-and” approach to their spirituality and therapy, instead of an “either-or” stance. As a result of this balance, our clients are able to see the world from a new perspective. Clients report being able to deepen their relationships and experience the world with greater meaning than before they had entered therapy.

    Are you ready to go deeper?

    Get in touch today.

    No matter your faith or belief system, our therapists can help. Spiritual therapy helps to connect mind, body, and soul to help you better cope with life’s challenges and discover greater meaning in life. Schedule a consultation for a free 30-minute consultation today.


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