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    Dr. Jessa Navidé, Psy.D.
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    “Tapping into your intuition unlocks a world of new possibilities. You are capable of creating a life filled with connection, joy, and a deep sense of purpose.”

    Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your life? Perhaps you feel uncertain about choices you have made or the path you are going down. Is it challenging to connect to those around you and express yourself in an authentic way? Therapy can offer a space to gain insight into whatever struggle you are confronting and learn tools to transform challenges into opportunities.

    Through our work together we will form a relationship built upon trust. We will create a space in which you can feel safe to discuss thoughts, feelings, or aspects of your identity that you have grown accustomed to hiding. While such vulnerability may be scary, it can be liberating to break free from shame and stigma. We will go at your own pace and shift between building awareness and acceptance to identifying what actions you need to take to create the life you want.

    Meet Dr. Jessa Navidé, Psy.D.,

    I am a licensed clinical psychologist in New York state and work with adolescents and adults. I specialize in trauma, anxiety and depression, mood fluctuations, relationship issues, and existential crises ranging from lacking a sense of purpose to experiencing confusion about one’s identity.

    I enjoy working with clients from diverse backgrounds including those with different abilities, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and individuals who are neurodivergent. In particular, I have extensive experience working with the Latinx community.

    My approach is integrative and flexible, meaning that I tailor our work to meet your unique needs. I draw upon Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), relational Psychodynamic Therapy, and also integrate LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy and existential therapy.

    I practice from a trauma-sensitive, compassion-based perspective that is affirming of all the identities you hold. Through our work together you will be able to:

    • Make sense of your experiences and respond with compassion to difficult emotions and situations
    • Learn techniques to feel your emotions safely in order to begin healing trauma and emotional wounds
    • Express your thoughts, feelings, and take action to get your needs met
    • Identify what is most important to you in order to create a life that feels meaningful

    As a trauma-sensitive yoga teacher who has lived in India, I also integrate somatic therapy and mindfulness into my work. These approaches can be especially beneficial in reconnecting to emotions when talk-based therapeutic approaches may not have had the effects you desired.

    If you would like to learn more about how you could benefit from therapy and see if we are a good fit, please schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation with me.

    Ofrezco terapia en español.

    Contact Me

    License Info

    License No. and State: 025312/New York

    NPI: 1902275530

    Education + Affiliations

    University of Denver

    Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)

    New College of Florida

    B.A. in Psychology


    Are you ready to grow and expand into the life you want?


    I grew up in a town in which there was a lot of stigma surrounding mental health and other social issues. In high school I took my first psychology course and fell in love with the subject. It offered an outlet to talk about everything I had been socialized not to. To me this is what effective therapy offers – a space in which no topic, emotion, or identity needs to be hidden.

    By embracing what we have been taught is taboo, we can liberate ourselves from shame. I find it deeply fulfilling to work to create such a space for my clients and witness the courage they demonstrate as we build a relationship built upon trust.

    Inside the therapy room I can tell a client is benefitting from the work when they express thoughts and emotions that feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. Over time progress can be seen in the increased insight a client has in making sense of their experience and responding with compassion to their struggles. Additionally, the client may incorporate various tools and techniques to cope with difficult emotions and express themselves in a way that feels authentic.

    Outside of the therapy room progress can be seen by improved communication and connection in interpersonal relationships and by taking action to live in accordance with one’s values.

    I volunteer for a non-profit called Three and a Half Acre’s Yoga (THAY) whose mission is to provide trauma-sensitive yoga throughout NYC to under-resourced communities.

    This work has given me a greater understanding of the importance of language and choice in being trauma-sensitive. It has been a privilege to witness the healing transformation that can take place through yoga when taught in a trauma-sensitive way.



    30 Minutes


    We’ll begin by discussing your needs and goals as we get to know each other.

    Therapy Session

    45-60 Minutes


    After our consultation, we’ll begin our work together to help you find clarity.





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