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Alyssa Digges, MA
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Amy Schell, LMHC
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Ariel Zeigler, Ph.D
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Begoña Núñez Sánchez, LP
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Carole Taylor-Tumilty, LCSW
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Caryn Moore, LCSW
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Christina Mancuso, LCSW
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Courtney Cohen, LMHC
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Daniel Rich, LMHC
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Elena Beharry, Psy.D
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Eliza Chamblin, LCSW
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Fanny Ng, Ph.D
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Gary Brucato, Ph.D
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Gavin Shafron, Ph.D
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Janel Coleman, LMSW
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Jen Oddo, LCSW
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Jessa Navidé, Psy.D.
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Joanna Kaminski, LMFT
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Josh Watson, LMSW
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Justin L.F. Yong, LMHC
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Karen Kaur, Ph.D
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Kristin Anderson, LCSW
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Logan Jones, Psy.D
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Lucas Saiter, LMHC
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Madeleine Phelan, LMSW
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Maryam Abdulrazzak, BS
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Monica Amorosi, LMHC
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Nancy Lumb, LCSW
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Nicole Maselli, LMHC
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Peter Gradilone, LMSW
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Raquele Williams, LCSW
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Regina Musicaro, Ph.D
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    Concierge-Level Therapist Matchmaking in NYC


    Finding the right therapist or psychiatric provider makes all of the difference.
    Connect with quality therapists and healthcare providers in NYC using our bespoke matching service.

    Designed by Clarity Therapy NYC founder, Dr. Logan Jones, our confidential questionnaire can help you connect with our curated network of vetted mental healthcare professionals.

    Your needs and preferences are our priority. Our team reviews each submission meticulously to provide you with personalized therapist recommendations.

    Experience the difference of person-centered healthcare provider matching now.

    Billing + Insurance

    Optimize Your Reimbursement Rate and Lower Your Therapy Costs with “Out-of-Network” Benefits

    At Clarity Therapy NYC, we are committed to therapy cost transparency and assisting you in navigating all of your options.

    Our therapists are “out of network” due to a lack of pricing transparency, the hidden drawbacks of insurance clawbacks, and problematic administrative paperwork.

    With out-of-network benefits, you may still qualify for reimbursement of 30-80% of the session fee from your insurance provider, depending on your specific plan.

    Our in-house administrative team is here to help you understand your out-of-network benefits before you commit financially.

    Begin by sharing your preferences and receive free personalized therapist matches. Then, connect with our team and online tools to help you check your coverage.

    Types of Therapy

    How Does Personalized
    Matchmaking Work?

    Request a Personalized Match

    Complete our brief, easy questionnaire and receive personalized matches for you based on your unique preferences and needs.


    Connect with your therapist matches by emailing or booking free phone consults directly through our online scheduling system.

    consult and decide

    Have free consults and let the healing begin. Have questions? Our team is here to help you each step of the way.

    feeling uncertain about the next step?

    Browse, filter, and select therapists by the criteria that matter most to you. Then, arrange a no-cost phone consultation or email any of the providers of your choice.

    Building in New York City

    Accessible, simple, and tailored to you. 

    Accessibility combined with our unique matching experience is one of our core values, provided at no cost to you. We’ll recommend the top 3-6 therapists or mental healthcare providers suited to your specific needs.

    Whether you’re searching for yourself or a loved one, you’ll receive personalized recommendations immediately, helping you take the next step towards getting your mental health needs met.

    Paying for therapy

    Here’s what to expect


    30 Minutes


    Individual Therapy

    45 – 60 Minutes


    Couples Therapy

    60 – 90 Minutes


    Group Therapy

    90 Minutes


    Diagnostic Evaluation


    Starting at $1000


    As needed


    *Cost varies by therapist and length of session.


    How do you guarantee that my matching submission request is confidential and secure?

    We use HIPAA-compliant and secure systems and processes to ensure your privacy. Our entire operation, from intake to matching, is designed to maintain the highest level of confidentiality and security.

    Who is doing the matching?

    Our matching is conducted by expertly trained concierge healthcare professionals with extensive experience in customer service and client care. They are trained and certified in HIPAA compliance, operate under our healthcare lawyer-approved business associate agreements, and communicate only through HIPAA-compliant channels. All processes are reviewed by healthcare lawyers in the state of New York to ensure compliance.

    How long will it take to get my matches?

    Our team checks for new matching requests each day. We aim to provide recommendations within 4-5 business days, but please allow up to a week for us to get back to you.

    Are the referrals only to Clarity Therapy NYC providers or other providers as well?

    Our matching service includes both Clarity Therapy NYC providers and other associate and partner providers based on what is best for the client. We know all of the providers in our network as part of our vetting process. We focus on factors like availability, financial fit, personality fit, and demographic fit. Ultimately, the best fit is determined through a complimentary 30-minute consultation with the providers.

    What if my therapist matches aren’t the right fit?

    You can always request additional therapist matches. We’ll ask that you share more information so that we can provide you with more targeted referrals. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and find better fits for you.

    How is your matchmaking different from other matchmaking services?

    Our matchmaking service stands out because our team is small and focused on quality, not quantity. Unlike other matching programs that operate on a pay-for-play basis, our members apply and go through an extensive interview and vetting process. Our associates are also invited to use our physical offices, attend community education sessions, and agree to follow best practice guidelines. This ensures a high standard of care and a concierge-level experience. Think of it as a members-only model, providing personalized and exclusive service, unlike the subscription-based approach used by other practices and platforms.

    How are your providers vetted?

    All providers are either associate therapists of Dr. Logan Jones at Clarity Therapy NYC or within our referral network, which may include providers in our Clarity Health and Wellness consortium or vetted professionals outside New York City. We know all our providers personally to ensure quality care.

    What if I can’t afford the therapist?

    We strive to provide financial fit. Many of our associates offer reduced fees or pro bono services. Financial fit conversations are to be had directly with the provider. If we can’t meet your financial needs, we’ll do our best to direct you to other feasible options.

    How much does it cost to get matched?

    All of our matching referrals are complimentary and free of charge. We do this so that there’s no financial burden on you, making accessible care the norm. Finding the right therapist is difficult, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible.

    How do you ensure the quality of the therapist
    matching process?

    Our matching process is based on a detailed questionnaire designed by therapists. This ensures a deep understanding of your needs and preferences. The process is handled by experienced professionals who carefully review each case to provide the most suitable recommendations.

    Are your therapists and mental health care providers licensed?

    The therapists in our network are licensed and in good standing. In some cases, therapists are pre-licensed and under supervision, often able to offer a reduced rate to ensure financial fit while providing a high-quality experience.

    How can I connect with my matches?

    Our questionnaire asks for your preferences, including how you’d like to be contacted. While many people prefer to contact the therapist on their own terms, some find it helpful for the therapist to reach out to them. You can indicate whether you’d like to be contacted by phone, email, or if you’d prefer to reach out to your therapist yourself. To make it simple, we include a scheduling link where you can easily book a consult online with a therapist.

    What if my therapist’s availability doesn’t match mine?

    Sometimes our therapists have more availability than is listed, so it’s best to reach out to them and ask if there are other times available. Provide a few options that work for you. Our therapists do their best to keep their schedules up to date, but given their varied professional lives, it’s always a good idea to check directly for the most current availability.

    What is a consultation?

    A consultation is not a full therapy session — it’s a brief meeting to help you decide if a therapist is the right fit for your ongoing care. Each therapist has their unique style, but generally, it’s a short, mutual interview. The therapist will want to understand your concerns and background, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask about their experience and approach. It’s perfectly normal if the first therapist you meet isn’t a match. Take note of what you liked or didn’t like to guide your future choices.

    How will I know if a therapist is a good fit?

    Finding the right therapist is crucial for effective therapy. It’s about understanding behaviors, emotions, and thought patterns to help you achieve your life goals. Therapists vary in their approaches: some prefer an unstructured style, letting you explore your thoughts and emotions freely (like in psychodynamic therapy), while others are more goal-oriented, focusing on specific issues and often assigning homework (such as in cognitive behavioral therapy). Some therapists blend these methods to suit individual needs.

    Your comfort with learning and communicating will determine which approach works best for you. Consultations are an excellent opportunity to explore these options and find the best fit.

    How are you different from ZocDoc?

    Unlike ZocDoc, which charges a marketing fee to therapists, our service is entirely free for both clients and providers. Our network is by invitation only, ensuring a high standard of care, while ZocDoc allows anyone to join and be listed. ZocDoc operates as a marketing platform boasting the largest directory of in-person and video providers in the nation. In contrast, our approach is much more boutique, focusing on quality over quantity. Additionally, we are privately owned by Dr. Logan Jones and not influenced by venture capitalists or public trading.

    How are you different from BetterHelp?

    BetterHelp has over 35,000 licensed therapists, while our network is much more selective, with fewer than 40 providers. Unlike BetterHelp, we are not owned by venture capitalists, ensuring that our focus remains on quality and personalized care. All of our therapists are carefully vetted, and they know each other, enabling us to provide truly customized referrals.

    How are you different from alma?

    Similar to Alma, we have independently practicing mental health providers who set their own rates and make their own decisions. However, our network is a boutique collection or consortium of boutique practices, offering a more personalized and exclusive experience. Additionally, our providers are out-of-network, ensuring a high level of individualized care.

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