When you join Clarity Therapy, you join a therapeutic family

We ensure our therapy associates feel as taken care of as our clients.

Licensed Therapists in NYC

Do Impactful Work While Being Yourself

We’re a dynamic group of highly-motivated, self-governing practitioners who strive to offer an enriching and vibrant therapeutic community and practice culture.

We value peer collaboration, interaction, and supporting each other. As a practitioner on our team, we offer an encouraging work environment that nurtures both professional and personal development and growth. Our philosophy is a mentality of abundance over scarcity and evolution over stagnation. This approach and mindset permeates our interactions and is a commitment to support both practitioners and clients alike.

We are devoted to providing a safe and supportive space to those in our practice. For us, inclusivity is a reflex, not an initiative. This ethos is reflected in our environment that encourages and supports diversity, fresh perspectives, being forward-thinking, and challenging the status quo.

You and your work matters

Our work has taught us the importance of self-care, receiving and giving support, and surrounding yourself with uplifting people who keep you accountable and add to the tapestry of life. We are always open to expanding with new and compatible energies and partners.

Clarity Therapy NYC provides each associate and team member with the therapeutic space and resources they need to find fulfillment and success. We want you to have the flexibility and freedom to do impactful and create a work-life balance that works best for you.

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Who’s our ideal team member?

Our ideal team member has a curious, entrepreneurial spirit and is a highly engaged self-starter. You’re passionate about providing heart-focused work and enjoy being a productive contributor within a collaborative team environment.

You practice empirically-validated approaches, and integrate emerging trends technology into your work.

You’re committed to participating in and affirming social movements and always stand up for those in need.

You embody a generous spirit and are willing to blend pro bono services with being compensated in a way the reflects the value of your work.

You’re able to stay connected with others in a meaningful way, remain receptive to feedback, and willing to proactively put in the groundwork to achieve the professional growth you desire.


Explore Opportunities

We’re always eager to meet new creative energy, and we invite you to explore our open opportunities. From working with therapy clients and creative projects and helping to manage a growing practice, find the perfect role for you.

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We get most excited by people who tell us why this job matters to them. We'd love to know what our practice attracts you to us, how our values align, and what fresh perspective you can bring to our team.

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