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EFT Tapping Therapy in New York City

What Is EFT Tapping Therapy?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping is an alternative therapy type that has been gaining popularity across the world in recent years. EFT tapping is built on the idea that each individual has an energy system that runs through the body that controls their emotions, thoughts, and overall physical health. When there is a disruption in this energy system, it can lead to various problems such as stress, pain, and negative thinking patterns.

Because of this, individuals who undergo EFT tapping are typically those who are experiencing emotional distress or physical pain. These include people with depression, anxiety, trauma, and sometimes even those with phobias.

What is Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)?

The main objective of EFT tapping is to help the body rebalance its energy system and relieve the physical and emotional symptoms that are associated with imbalanced energy. It is done by tapping on meridian points in your body while keeping yourself focused on your goal.
When a therapist taps on specific points, they send a message to the patient’s nervous system that calms down their stress response. This reduces the stress or negative emotions of the patient, allowing them to manage their pain.

While some do EFT tapping on themselves in the comfort of their homes, it’s recommended to work with a qualified therapist to ensure the best results. Since they are familiar with the practice and know how to correctly perform this therapy, patients will be far more likely to see their desired results.

Does EFT Tapping Really Work?

Currently, most studies regarding EFT tapping therapy rely on the feedback given by its many patients. However, there is some research that has attempted to scientifically test the efficiency of EFT tapping.

In a study of over 200 healthcare professionals divided into five groups, EFT tapping was shown to be an ​​effective mental health intervention that improved a range of psychological symptoms, including anxiety, phobias, depression, and PTSD. All five groups displayed similar results, indicating that EFT tapping is an efficient alternative treatment option. 

A separate study of over 200 participants found that patients of EFT tapping experienced greatly alleviated physical symptoms, including pain, cravings, cortisol, and other symptoms of stress on the body. Overall happiness was also boosted among patients. 

However, while these studies seem promising, it is important to note — as other experts have already pointed out — that they rely mostly upon patient testimony rather than clear scientific observations. Dubious experts are quick to point out the possibility that the placebo effect is at play. 

The “placebo effect” is a phenomenon in which patients experience an improvement of symptoms despite not receiving the “real” treatment. A placebo is anything that appears to be a true medical treatment (like a pill or injection) but is not. Researchers use placebos during studies to understand the effects of new treatments and medications on people. When the placebo effect strikes patients, their belief that treatment can decrease their symptoms and improve their overall well-being cues their bodies’ own chemistry to stimulate healing, which has the potential to skew scientific data. 

Due to this concern, some experts believe that participants’ feedback alone is not a reliable scientific measurement of the efficiency of EFT tapping, therefore further research may still be needed.


NYC Therapists Who Specialize in EFT tapping

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Is EFT Tapping Therapy Right for Me?

If you experience anxiety, depression, or PTSD, you may feel like you are in a dark place and you may struggle to manage negative thoughts. 

On the other hand, if you suffer from chronic pain, it may be difficult for you to perform everyday activities that you could have easily done before. If left untreated, chronic pain may make you think that you are never going to feel better again, which can lead to mental health issues like anxiety and depression. 

EFT tapping has been used to treat people suffering from various physical and emotional pain. Many people who have undergone this therapy claim that their conditions have improved after exploring this treatment option.

If you are looking for an evidence-based treatment that can help your condition, EFT tapping is worth a try. Seek the help of a licensed therapist for your EFT tapping therapy; while you could try it on your own, a completely relaxed mind is a must, and this is difficult to maintain while you concentrate on a new technique.

What Does an EFT Tapping Session Look Like?

Once you schedule an EFT tapping therapy session, your therapist will guide you through the process. While it may differ slightly from one therapist to another, the central idea is the same.

Your therapist will ask you to identify an issue or pain point that you would like to resolve. It is important that you focus on only one per round. If you would like to address more than one, you will need to conduct another round. 

Once you identify the issue or pain point, your therapist will ask you to rank it from 0 to 10 to determine the severity of your condition prior to treatment. They will then ask you to come up with a phrase to repeat again and again during treatment to keep you focused on your goal.

During an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) session, your therapist will tap on specific points on your head, face, body, and hands. These specific points are commonly referred to as meridian points. These can be found on the:

  • Beginning of the collarbone
  • Chin
  • Eyebrow
  • Area surrounding the eyes
  • Underarm
  • Underside of the nose
  • Top of the head

Once done, your therapist will ask you to once again rate your issue or pain point. If you can give it a lower score, then it means that the EFT tapping therapy may be working for you. After identifying whether the method has led to any improvements, your therapist will repeat the process until the distress rating you give lowers further or plateaus.

What is Emotion-focused therapy for Individuals and Families?

If you are not yet ready to try EFT tapping, that’s perfectly fine. Just remember that you can always talk to a therapist about EFT tapping therapy and how it may be able to help you. Your therapist should always work in your best interest and help you determine whether EFT tapping in NYC can work for you. You can also read books or articles about EFT tapping to learn more about it.

One way to determine whether you’d like to pursue EFT tapping therapy is by trying it yourself. Conducting your own session at home can help you explore tapping and give you an idea of what to expect in a professional setting. If you feel that it helps you at home, this is a good sign that you could benefit from professional EFT tapping in NYC.

Since it can be hard to know where to start, a professional can provide personalized guidance based on your concerns. A trained therapist will help you identify what to focus on, and take you through the various points and phrases to repeat. This allows you to let go of thinking about the process (or what to do or say next) and simply repeat what is being said so that you can get the maximum benefit.

There are also other coping mechanisms you can employ while you decide on your next steps. For managing stress, we recommend self-care practices like relaxation techniques, breathwork, or exercise. For managing physical pain, we recommend relaxation techniques that are developed by health professionals, such as progressive muscle relaxation. Progressive muscle relaxation is the process of relaxing all major muscle groups in your body.

If and when you feel ready to try professional EFT tapping in NYC, be sure to seek out a qualified therapist with experience with this type of treatment. This is the only way to guarantee that you will get the best care possible and maximize your chances of benefiting from EFT tapping therapy.

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