Ric Mathews, MHC-LP
"The life we live tomorrow will be a result of the choices we make today."
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Hunter College

Masters in Mental Health Counseling

New York University

Bachelors in Journalism
ans Mass Communications

NY State Provisional License

Provisional License No. 105681-01
NPI: 1184271926

2020 – Present

Manhattan Alternative

2019 – Present

Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy

2019 – Present

Psychotherapy Center for Gender & Sexuality

2019 – Present

Sex Therapy Collaborative

2018 – Present

New York Mental Health Counseling Association

2015 – Present MindfulNYU

MindfulNYU – New York University

Ric Mathews, MHC-LP

The biggest turning point in my life was when I fully understood what it meant to be present. Healing practices such as meditation and yoga helped me to stop overthinking and silence the inner critic that had been running my life. By integrating these teachings into therapy, I want to help you do the same.

Unresolved heartbreak, grief, trauma, feelings of abandonment, shame, and anger can trap us in our past. Similarly, if left unchecked, anxiety, fear, and worry about the future can prevent us from living our lives to the fullest in the present.

It takes courage and commitment to face ourselves, heal from our past, and understand who we truly are. You’ve already taken a big step by listening to your mind and body tell you that it’s time for change. My humanistic and person-centered approach leans into many of the powerful philosophies of yoga by helping people uncover and translate that inner voice into meaningful action.

I use an integrative, holistic, and eclectic style of therapy that sources from psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, narrative, dialectical-behavioral, and somatic therapies. Together, we’ll adapt our approach and techniques to be best-suited to your personality and goals. I’ll help you learn how to improve your mind-body connection by moving more intentionally, free yourself of emotions that make you feel stuck, and learn how conscious breathwork can clear blocked energy.

I’m passionate about social justice causes and working with racial, cultural, and sexual identity issues. We’re being pushed into difficult and uncomfortable conversations, even with ourselves, as we witness and participate in the largest civil rights movement in history. For many BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ individuals, fear and worry of violence and injustice is a real threat in today’s charged society.

I offer a safe space to feel seen and heard to anyone seeking refuge. As an advocate for antiracism and sexual and gender equality, I’ll help you navigate your questions, challenges, and concerns about existing fully and feeling seen in a multicultural society.

The life we’re living today is a result of the choices we made yesterday. The life we live tomorrow will be a result of the choices we make today.

Here is where we begin.


Like the beginning of most new relationships, simply getting to know each other is a great place to begin. The only preparation needed is for you to show up ready and willing to start sharing more about who you are, what makes you you, and what’s on your mind. If you have specific questions you want to know beforehand, feel free to shoot me an email.

My path to therapy started from my own personal practice of yoga and meditation. My worldview has been shaped by various yogic philosophies and teachings, including the belief that the mind-body connection plays a big part of our daily lived experience. With that in mind, my approach to therapy is informed by both eastern and western ideas of health, homeostasis, and wellbeing. This means that I tune into the cognitive process – what you’re saying and thinking, as much as I pay attention to the somatic experience – what you’re feeling and your body language, in order to help you develop greater insight and awareness.

I am a big believer in therapy being in the here and now. I also think it’s important to “take the work” with you when you leave the room. At times I will suggest activities or encourage you to look at readings and other tools as ways of deepening reflection on what we discuss together. The “homework” is always tailored specifically to you.

Therapy is both structured and flexible. In the beginning, we will meet every week and typically for a suggested minimum of three months. Depending on what you want to work on, that is not enough time and staying longer is a good idea. Exactly how long is a discussion we can have together, and a topic we can revisit when it feels right to do so.

Our time together is about you. My role and function is to focus on ways to help you process the things you want to explore and find different ways of doing so that leverage my background, education and clinical experience. When and where appropriate I will share things about myself that augment the work we’re doing together, if and only when it benefits you directly.

Therapy is a dynamic, living, and breathing exchange that fosters growth, development, and awareness. I believe the purpose of therapy is to self-actualize and discover who we truly are. I also believe that anyone can be our teacher and that all of our relationships serve us to bring us closer to that self actualization. The more we understand ourselves, the more we can understand how we relate to others, and, in turn, further deepen our understanding of ourselves.


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We’ll begin by discussing your needs and goals as we get to know each other.



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After our consultation, we’ll begin our work together to help you find clarity.


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