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Melanie Palmietto, LMHC
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“You are the channel to inner wisdom.”

Are you ready to transform? Have you been feeling stuck? Have you abandoned yourself? Are you not living in your fullest truth?

We will work together to identify your limiting beliefs, stuck points, and heal the parts of self that are holding you back. Learning how to listen to your intuition, drop into your body, all while being honest and compassionate with yourself.

Your emotions are the gateway in. Our goal is not to eliminate our emotions but to learn from them. They are providing you with messages.

Meet Melanie Palmietto, LMHC,
Licensed Psychotherapist

I am a licensed therapist who works with people in New York City and throughout NY state. I specialize in working with individuals including young adults who wish to live more expansive lives and are tired of feeling stuck, defeated, or unseen.

I create a safe, judgment free space that fosters deep exploration. We’ll work together towards your goals while deepening your connection with yourself and others. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, relationships, eating disorders, or self-worth, I’m here to listen, guide, and support you.

I utilize techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Somatic Therapy, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) to create a tailored therapy experience. We’re all unique beings and rarely benefit from a one-size-fits-all approach. Together we’ll collaborate to uncover what works best for you.

Through our work together you’ll be able to:

  • Release self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and feelings of unworthiness
  • Process trauma, difficult emotions, and learn better ways to cope
  • Slow down and bring in compassionate reflection and mindfulness into your experiences
  • Get out of your head and process feelings through your body
  • Connect with and live as your authentic self
  • Regulate your nervous system and feel at home in your body
  • Better understand yourself and find your purpose

By stepping into your vulnerability you are stepping into yourself. Let’s show up together in this beautiful container.

Feel free to reach out to me to book a complimentary 30-minute consultation today.

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License Info

License No. and State: 011118-01/New York

NPI: 1689267726

Client Focus

Education + Affiliations

Mercy College

Masters in Mental Health Counseling 

Springfield College

Bachelors in Psychology

Certified in Integrative Energy Healing and Breathwork

By Millana Snow, founder of Wellness Official

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Certification in progress


“Melanie is an expert at being present and listening deeply. She gave me a space to work through overwhelming anxiety and depression in my own time. Her attentive and compassionate nature softened the weight of my experiences during the session, leaving me a little lighter until our next meeting. I’m so grateful for her guidance and insight, and I highly recommend working with Melanie!”

- L.I.

“Melanie was there for me when I had nothing, when I broke down, when I was afraid, and when I felt strong. Each week, she helped guide me to a greater understanding of my thoughts that I had trouble making sense of on my own. Because of Melanie, my self-concept is strong and I’m embracing life again. I’d recommend Melanie to anyone in need. She is an exceptional person and human being.”

- C.J.

“I began therapy with Melanie during the pandemic after some challenging personal events. She’s a kind and supportive presence, and is extremely helpful in putting things in perspective. With her help, I gained the courage to work through life changes and improve my circumstances. I truly look forward to speaking with her each week – I highly recommend Melanie as a therapist.”

- S.F.

Are you ready to grow and expand into the life you want?


My love of personal growth and development. I have always been very curious and inquisitive when it comes to why we think, act and feel the way we do. I want to help others deepen their connection and understanding of themselves and their reason for being. It lights me up watching my clients make those connections, change patterns of behavior, and step into their authenticity. To be a witness and a support in my client’s exploration and evolution is sacred.

It’s completely normal to feel on the fence. When we experience something for the first time we can often feel fear and that is okay. It takes courage to be vulnerable and step into this work. There will be moments of discomfort, and that discomfort can be our teacher. The discomfort shows us what we need to bring our energy to. The intimidation or fear you might be feeling is not an indicator that this process is not for you.

I invite you to be curious about what is keeping you on the fence and that is something we can explore together. This is a collaborative process where you have the say in this experience. We will move and process at the pace you are comfortable with. I am here for you. I see you. I invite you in.

The connection and relationship is such an important part of the therapeutic experience and is one of my favorite parts of the work. That connection opens and allows for moments of deep understanding and for clients to feel seen. It’s something that is palpable.



30 Minutes


We’ll begin by discussing your needs and goals as we get to know each other.

Therapy Session

45-60 Minutes


After our consultation, we’ll begin our work together to help you find clarity.



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